“Omneo is about life, legacy and sharing”

What is Omneo

The concept of Omneo is about life, legacy and sharing. Omneo offers people a way to capture and maintain the true essence of their loved ones to remember them, their legacy and all they were in life in all its splendor. Our solution includes the Omneo, an elegant and permanent post cremation
memorial; the Omneo Tap, a connectivity device for gravestones and columbaria; and omlime.com, a multi-accessible online memorial network. Our patented design and functionality has been developed to offer the most dignified and advanced memorialization concept in the market.


With a keen emphasis in design both for beauty and functionality, all Omneo products are made with the finest natural and permanent materials that project a sense of elegance, warmth and aesthetics second to none.


The use of technology as an emotional support during the most difficult time in one’s life is central to Omneo. Accessing your loved one’s Omlime profile is as easy as taping your smartphone on any Omneo product.


Omlime.com is a new social network where your life and the life of your loved one is memorialized through shared stories, pictures and videos in a network where friends and families can share their stories, memories and love.
“Stories, photos and videos as an emotional testament of a beautiful life”


It is a social network created to celebrate the life of our loved ones. Once the profile of your loved one is created their biography and memories will grow collaboratively as family and friends share stories, pictures and videos. With optional reminder of anniversaries such as birthdays or death anniversary, your loved ones will not be forgotten.
Omlime.com is also an essential tool to for those still living to create their profile, gather their memories and leave time capsuled messages to their loved ones. The story of you and your memories are the most important gift you can leave behind to your future generations. It is in your hands to leave a legacy that will continue into the future.

this is your story

If you have the cremated remains of a loved one and would like to memorialize them with an omneo and omlime.com, we’ll be happy to assist you. Please click here to contact us.