Connecting to omlime

The Omneo Solution Technology

NFC technology…simple and immediate connectivity to

  • NFC (Near Field Communication) is a standard for short-range wireless connectivity that is currently built into most mobile phones on the market. The technology allows for short-range communication between an NFC tag and mobile devices.
  • NFC tags can activate functions on an NFC enabled smartphone such as launching the browser to a specific URL or launching an app on your smartphone that can be used to deliver a website, file, video, contact information, and more.
  • Without the need for downloading and App, taking a picture, performing a manual configuration (like wifi) or a manual pairing (like Bluetooth) NFC allows users to transfer data and perform transactions seamlessly and intuitively by only taping another device or NFC Tag (target).
  • There are over 1Billion NFC enebled smartphones in the world and 83% of all smartphones have NFC tag reading capabilities.

Connectivity to

Integrated within every omneo product offered and without the need to download any app, accessing the deceased’s profile is easy and simple:

  • Direct Access via the internet/web at
  • Immediate access by activating Near Field Communication (NFC) on any Android smart phone and tapping name on the omneo Memorial, omneo Tap, or omneo Tag

Connectivity of on all Omneo Products:

Omneo Memorial at home or at a cemetery
Omneo Tag as part of prayer cards or thank you notes
Omneo Tap on a headstone or grave marker
Omneo Tap on a columbarium niche cover
On any PC or Tablet at home