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Omlime.com supports FAMIC’s Talk of a Lifetime program

Quote from Talk of a Lifetime program presentation:

  • In today’s world, there is so much is going on around us. We’re busier than ever before. We’re bombarded with information from newspapers, magazine, TV, radio and the internet.
  • We’re sharing information with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and by text messages.
  • But how often do we talk to people – I mean really talk? No cell phones ringing and dinging. No TV in the background. No distractions.
  • For some people, good conversation is truly a lost art.
  • Talking with the people in our lives who matter most – our spouses, parents, children, best friends – can have a an incredibly positive impact on our relationships.
  • Unlike social media, talking with loved on es is unfiltered. It’s not putting your best foot forward. Talking allows us to see the real person and can help us get to know our loved ones in new and different ways.

Talk of a Lifetime program and omlime.com:

  • www.talkofalifetime.org provides resources to help families start important conversations about life, end of life, and memorialization.
  • These conversations should lead to a self discovery through sharing stories and anecdotes, a recording of life lessons and values, and finally to important decisions on legacy and how they want to be remembered.
  • Omlime.com provides the perfect tool for families to record these conversations as well as gather those thoughts, pictures and videos that they want to share with generations that follow.
  • Omlime.com's FREE version provides a great tool for anyone to create a personal and meaningful legacy, helping family and friends celebrate their life.
  • Omlime.com's Premium version has additional functionality such as the Omlime Time Capsule which allows those creating their profile in life, to leave pre-recorded messages to their loved ones.

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