ICCFA 2016 Summary

by Christian Crews (CEO, Omneo Group Americas)

ICCFA (International Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association) just held their 2016 Annual Conference and Expo in New Orleans, LA this past April 13-16.  This being our second expo, we had a sense of excitement and anticipation as we set1460587986803 up our booth the day before the grand opening.  What innovation will we see at this expo?  Will there be some revolutionary game changing product or service that will surprise everyone and take the industry by storm?  Will our product and offering be understood, let alone be well accepted Omneo?

All of these questions were answered within the first 3 hours of the Expo as we did a quick walk through the exhibitor booths.  We saw the usual urn suppliers, casket manufacturers, funeral coach dealers, banks, insurance companies, and the myriad of memorialization companies offering keepsake jewelry, stationary, personalized blankets and the sort.  We also saw a number of very cool new products and concepts such as new DNA Memorialization offerings, virtual reality cemetery management software, and interesting funeral home CRM services.  We even saw bizarre concepts such as the mushroom suit which promises an eco-conscious disintegration of the decedent as well as ultra personalized caskets with functioning electric guitars and casino roulettes on the coffin!  I was however surprised and pleased that there was no company offering a complete solution like ours.  Among the feedback we got were the following quotes:

  • "You guys ARE the future, and you are entering at the right time."
  • "Your offering is truly unique, why didn't I think of this?"
  • "You have created a new category for final disposition, this is really exciting!"
  • "What a breath of fresh air!"

The show was a complete success for us and we are very pleased with not only the interest but the follow-up emails, comments and orders received in the past 2 weeks.  It is very rewarding and assuring to know that all our effort, sweat, tears, and money has been well spent in the development Omneo Bannerof something truly unique and revolutionary, not only as a product line, offering and solution but as a concept that goes way beyond death.  Omneo is life, Omneo is interaction, Omneo is a vehicle to influence and guide our future generations.

Our avant-garde design, technology , and high return custody solution is unique in the industry and our pipeline of life and death changing products being created and tested every day by our R&D team is phenomenal.  We couldn't be more pleaaed with the Omneo team and are very excited about the future.

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