Miami local newspaper highlights Omneo Group’s launch in the US

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El Nuevo Herald, Miami Herald's spanish edition, published an article highlighting Omneo Group's new and revolutionary memorialization solution.

The below article has been translated to English from its original version:


"The technological revolution reaches the funeral industry, changing the way we pay tribute to our loved ones who leave this world. New technologies ranging from applications where people leave their final wishes and preparations for death, to social networks to pay tribute to the dead and keep their memories alive forever, offer an emotional support in the most difficult moments.

In Miami, the startup Omneo Group, launched Omneo Memorial, a piece of delicate aesthetics containing the solidified ashes of the deceased and embedded with a chip that, by tapping a smartphone or tablet on the memorial, allows the user to automatically connect the decedent's profile in an intimate social network (, where family and friends can honor and celebrate their loved ones' life through pictures, videos and stories.

"Our society still fears death, turns their back to it and denying it, even when it is an inseparable part of the human being," says the Cuban-American businessman Christian Crews, executive director of Omneo Group Americas and co-founder of the company with the creators thereof in Spain.

Crews considers it necessary to confront death, but with a new language in tune with our times: "Omneo Group has created the first major innovation in the funeral industry in decades. Many even compare it with the Apple of the funeral industry due to its design and technological advancement. The memorial can be easily mistaken for a piece of design. "

The company designed a piece that takes the form of a prism whose proportions were inspired by "The Golden Ratio", a mathematical ratio used by artists like Da Vinci and Le Corbusier.

As an avant-garde piece, it is linked to the web platform through short-range wireless technology NFC (Near Field Communication), mainly used in mobile phones and devices to transmit data instantaneously.

The Omneo Memorial is the solidification of the ashes of the deceased, "turned into a piece that takes the form of a prism, soft and delicate to the touch, which rests in a protective case whose lines convey the same sense of purity."

Each Omneo Memorial, with cost starting at $ 450, contains a custom chip technology with the information of the deceased. When family and friends tap a smart phone or tablet to Omneo Memorial, without an application they are instantly connected to, an interactive platform that allows friends and friends to upload images, videos, and stories to keep alive the legacy of a loved one.

In the same way, it allows people, in life, to write their own story and collect messages and thoughts to record their personal memories before they die. These can be edited and kept private in a safe place until their death, leaving a digital legacy for future generations.

The annual growth of cremations in the United States was 3.3% and is expected to double in the next 20 years. It is expected that out of every five people who die two are cremated."

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