Have the talk of a lifetime

Senior woman and sonFrom Omneo Group we support a new and compelling campaign launched by FAMIC, Funeral and Memorial Information Council, that helps to create a positive momentum discovering the unique life stories of our loved ones. Named Have the Talk of a Lifetime, encourages families to have conversations about life and what matters most. It is conceived through discussions that can help families make important decisions about how they wish to remember, honor the lives of their loved ones through meaningful memorialization and understand the important role that funeral professionals play in the process.

Through meaningful memorialization — that is, taking time to reflect on the unique life of a loved one and remember the difference they made — families and friends take an important step in the journey toward healing after death. Today, individuals and their families have more options for their loved one at the end of life. Memorialization is so much more than it used to be. It can reflect a person’s life story, their values, interests, and experiences. It is transformative, healing, and comforting. Meaningful memorialization planning starts when loved ones talk about what matters most: memories made, lessons learned, and how they hope to be remembered.

Finding a way to start talking with a loved one may be the most difficult part; however, we might find that once the conversation starts, it may be hard to stop. You can have the talk of a lifetime with anyone you hold dear — your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, a spouse. It can happen anywhere you and your loved one are most comfortable — over a meal, at home, on a walk, while playing a game. The talk can be between you and your loved one, or you could include others, like family or friends. Your conversation can take place at any time — not just at the end of life. Some of the following questions can help when making funeral arrangements:

  • What is your proudest achievement?
  • What was the one piece of advice you received from your parents or grandparents that you never forgot.
  • Tell me about the most memorable summer you had growing up.
  • Tell me about your favorite teacher; what did you learn from him or her?

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