a meaningful memorialization platform

May 31, 2016

For most of the population in the U.S. Memorial Day is a vacation day to spend with family and friends, but for some it is a sad day, especially for those families of brave service men and women that joined our Armed Forces to guarantee our freedom and way of life and never returned. Dealing with the death of a loved one, especially a sudden and early death is very traumatic and can leave emptiness in the hearts of their immediate family. That emptiness will almost always remain for the rest of their lives, however, there are ways to minimize that emptiness and that is through meaningful memorialization.

What is memorialization? It is the act of paying tribute and preserving the memory of a person. Up until today, most memorialization is done at the time of a funeral or visitation and may includes video tributes, photo collages, and a ceremony. But what happens after it is all done? Who remembers the life of that person past next month or even a year? For those who remember, what do they remember? Did those video tributes, photo collages and ceremony provide meaningful memorialization?

What is meaningful memorialization? Meaningful memorialization provides a true memory of a the life of person and captures who they were in life for others to honor and learn about them for years to come. Meaningful memorialization minimizes that feeling of emptiness for those left behind and provides a means to follow their guidance, keep them close to their heart and always remember what made them so special.

Omneo Group developed as a meaningful memorialization platform where the memory of your loved one keeps growing into the future. is a social network that allows for collaborative story telling surrounding the life of a person no longer with us. By creating a profile in and sharing it via Facebook, Twitter or directly via email you can gather stories and pictures from friends and family that may not have been able to attend a funeral or ceremony but that do want to share the memories they have of your loved one.

Creating an profile of your loved one is very healing and sharing it is very rewarding. Start their profile today, it is very simple and Free! Omlime's free account allows you to create a beautiful profile that you can share with family and friends to build the legacy of your loved one through stories and pictures. If you want more space you can upgrade to Omlime Premium which gives you up to 1GB of space to upload more photos and videos.

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