is a social network where families and friends can pay tribute to their loved ones digitally, or where someone can gather their memories in life. Each profile collects the biography and memories of that person collaboratively by family and friends. These memories can consist of text, photos and videos in memoriam, which are managed after death by a family designated administrator.

For you in preparation

  • Create your own autobiography the way you want to be remembered
  • Upload favorite photos and videos
  • Leave password protected messages to your loved ones to be opened in the future
  • Record wishes or video for your final farewell and legacy
  • Assign a trustee and administrator for your social media
  • Link your profile to family and friends who have already created their profiles

For family and friends

  • Online memorialization to share with family and friends
  • Visitors can collaborate with stories, pictures and videos of your loved ones
  • Message/Announcement board to keep everyone informed of arrangements and ceremonies
  • Leave condolences and send messages to the family
  • Keep in touch with automated reminders of key dates
  • Link your loved one’s profile to family and friends within