Why Omlime.com

Omlime.com Key Differentiators.

  • It is Interactive: messages, condolences, pictures and videos can be shared, uploaded, and downloaded by the deceased’s friends and family composing the true essence of that person.
  • Offers Control and Privacy: Unlike standard social networks, omlime.com offers the complete control of public information by the administrator. All messages, pictures or videos uploaded by friends and family once the person has passed need to be accepted by the administrator before they are posted; filtering unwanted/undesired memories and protecting the dignity of the deceased.
  • Has Time Capsuled Messages: Furthermore and completely unique to any memorial website or social network, omlime.com offers a Premium upgrade that gived the user, while in life, the ability to leave messages either written, in audio or in video to their loved ones to be opened at a relative or pre-determined future date after they have passed.
  • It is a Network: Profiles can be linked to other friends and family, allowing the digital legacy of all to rest together for eternity. Families, friends or even colleagues such as military units, police or firefighter departments can be linked and stay together digitally.